How to appeal an Employment Insurance decision to the General Division

If you disagree with the initial decision on your claim for Employment Insurance (EI) benefits made by the Canada Employment Insurance Commission (CEIC), you can request that this decision be reconsidered by the CEIC. If following the reconsideration decision you are still not satisfied with the result, you can appeal to the General Division of the Social Security Tribunal of Canada (Tribunal). Your appeal must be in writing. An intention to appeal by phone will not be accepted.

You need to ensure that the Tribunal receives your appeal within 30-calendar days of your receipt of the reconsideration decision from the CEIC. For example, if you received your reconsideration decision on September 3, 2013, the Tribunal must receive your appeal by October 2, 2013.

There are three ways to start an appeal

  1. Fill out the appropriate Notice of Appeal to the SST General Division - EI form on our website following the attached instructions. Print the completed form, sign it and mail or fax it to the Tribunal.
  2. Print the appropriate Notice of Appeal to the SST General Division - EI form, complete and sign it following the attached instructions and mail or fax it to the Tribunal. If you cannot print the form, contact the Tribunal and it will send you a copy with instructions.
  3. Write the Tribunal a letter of appeal. Be sure that you include all the information that is required on the form.

The Tribunal accepts faxed copies. If you send your form (or other information) by fax, you do not need to send a copy by mail. The Tribunal will confirm the receipt of your form.

Things to keep in mind when filing your request to appeal

Completing the form

Make sure you complete all the required fields on the appropriate Notice of Appeal to the SST General Division - EI form. The Tribunal will not register the appeal until it has received all the required information. If the Tribunal receives the information after the 30-day appeal period, you will need to request and obtain an extension of time (see below). If the Tribunal does not receive a completed form by the specified date, the Tribunal will not move forward with your appeal.


If your appeal request is made after the 30-day appeal period, you may ask the Tribunal for an extension based on the criteria provided with the applicable Notice of Appeal to the SST General Division - EI form. It is important to request your extension as soon as possible. If the Tribunal member denies your request for an extension, you will lose your right to appeal the decision. You may appeal the decision to refuse an extension to the EI Appeal Division of the Tribunal.

Additional information

It is not necessary to have all the information (other than the required information) to support your appeal before you submit your Notice of Appeal form. Additional information can be provided at a later date.


You can present your own case or you can arrange for someone such as a friend, a family member, a lawyer or other professional person to help you. If you decide to have someone represent you, you will need to complete, sign, and submit an Authorization to Disclose form (PDF, 288 KB) giving that person permission to act on your behalf. You are responsible for all costs related to having a representative.

Further appeals

If you disagree with the decision of the General Division on your claim for EI benefits, you can submit an appeal to the Appeal Division of the Tribunal.

For more information about the Tribunal's appeal process, please visit the Appeal process section of this website.

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