2020 Progress Report: Helping people access justice – July 2020

I am pleased to share the Social Security Tribunal’s 2020 Progress Report: Helping people access justice.

This year’s Progress Report shows what the Tribunal has focused on over the past year.

Access to justice (A2J) continues to be a top priority at the Tribunal. Access to justice matters because the laws that set out who has a right to benefits are very technical. Everyone has a right to know how laws affect them and everyone should be able to understand how to challenge a government decision about their rights, especially if it affects their financial security.

This is why we continue our efforts to redesign our processes around the needs of the people who use our system.

The report also shows what we still need to do. We are committed to evaluating the effectiveness of our services, so we know where to improve. We are also committed to reporting on the results of those evaluations, so taxpayers can see how our programs are working. 

Despite the pandemic, the Tribunal has continued to reduce wait times. We have no backlogs. This is because the staff and members at the Tribunal are totally engaged in our goal of providing people with simple, quick, and fair decisions. 

Paul Aterman
Social Security Tribunal of Canada

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