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Employment Insurance appeal process - General Division

The Social Security Tribunal of Canada is a quasi-judicial administrative tribunal that is independent of the Department of Employment and Social Development Canada. The Tribunal has the mandate to hear and make decisions on appeals of reconsideration decisions that were made by the Canada Employment Insurance Commission (CEIC).

If you disagree with a CEIC reconsideration decision related to a claim for Employment Insurance benefits, you may appeal this decision to the Tribunal.

Who can appeal

You can appeal a CEIC reconsideration decision if you are:

  • an Employment Insurance claimant or other person who is the subject of a CEIC reconsideration decision; or
  • the employer of a claimant.

Navigator service

If you are appealing an Employment Insurance decision and claiming a violation under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and you do not have professional representation like a lawyer, one of our navigators will work with you to help you understand the appeal process and answer your questions. Learn more about the navigator service.

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