Sending electronic documents to the Social Security Tribunal

We encourage you to send us documents electronically to help us move your appeal along as quickly as possible. When sending us electronic documents, please send them in the formats listed below. These are the types of files we can open.

If we can’t open your document, we will return it to you and you will need to provide it in a format we can open. For example, we can’t open .exe files.


We can accept the following audio/video files up to 1 GB in the following formats:

  1. .3GP
  2. .MOV
  3. .MP3
  4. .MP4
  5. .WMA
  6. .WMV


We can accept the following text file formats:

  1. .pdf
  2. .docx
  3. .doc

Documents on CD, DVD or USB

If you send us documents on CD, DVD or USB, please save them together in one single folder. If you want your documents to appear in a specific order, please number them. For example: 1-Medical Document, 2-Doctor’s Note.

Mobile device scanning

Please don’t send us pictures of your documents. Picture quality and file size may affect our ability to process your appeal in a timely manner.

If you don’t have access to a traditional scanner or fax machine, you can use a mobile device (such as your phone) to scan paper documents using a scanning app. We don’t provide technical support for these apps.


If you send us password-protected documents, you need to give us the password so that we can open them. You can do that either by calling our toll free number (1-877-227-8577). Or, you can send an email to with the password in it. Please do not include the password in the email with your documents. If we don’t have the password, we will have to send the document back to you.

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