Navigator service for Canada Pension Plan Disability appeals

We’ve introduced a navigator service to better support people making an appeal who do not have a professional representative, like a lawyer. Our navigators are specialized staff with in-depth knowledge of the appeal process.

Navigators can guide you through the Canada Pension Plan Disability appeal process with tailored one-on-one support from start to finish. They can answer questions you may have about preparing for a hearing or how a hearing works.

What navigators cannot do is give you legal advice or act as your advocate or representative. They have to be neutral because they work for the Tribunal, and the Tribunal is neutral.

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Why are you introducing the navigator service?

We want to make justice accessible for everyone. Many people appear before the Tribunal without professional (legal) representation. People who are doing their appeals without any help could benefit from extra support. That’s why we’ve introduced the navigator service.

What do navigators do?

If a navigator is assigned to your appeal, your navigator will accompany you through the appeal process. They will help you to prepare for your hearing. But they are not your lawyer or your advocate, so they will not give you legal advice. Your navigator will support you through your appeal from start to finish. They will be available for your questions – even when your appeal is over.

Will the navigator attend my hearing?

No, navigators will not attend the hearing. They will accompany you through the appeal process by helping you to prepare for your hearing.

Can I have a navigator?

As of November 18, 2019, this service is available for some Canada Pension Plan Disability appeals at the General Division, but not all. This is because we are just starting this service. First we need to figure out how it works in practice before we use it in a large number of cases. If we select your appeal for this service, we will reach out to you.

Over time, we will expand this service.

When will you expand this service?

As of November 18, 2019, a small team of navigators will handle the cases of people appealing Canada Pension Plan Disability decisions. The number of navigators will increase in 2020 as we expand the service to include other Income Security appeals.

Can navigators give legal advice?

Navigators cannot give legal advice or act as advocates. What they will do is guide you through the appeal process. They can explain the process to you. They can answer questions you may have. They can explain what happens at a hearing.

Will navigators replace representatives?

No. The navigator service will never replace representatives or their role.

Can navigators refer people to representatives or other organizations?

No, navigators do not make referrals to specific representatives. Because we know some people need additional help with their appeal, we do keep a list of organizations that can help, and navigators can refer people to this list. The decisions to have a representative, and to pick an individual representative, belong entirely to the person who is making an appeal. If you have any suggestions for groups that provide free assistance that we should add to this list, please do not hesitate to share that information with us.

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